Satan will do it!


Your a mistagrahp

your uasual weapon is the d.r.rtl87 ( weapon that you will have at the start of levels and pistol )

you can punch and your the last secret spartan.

you have armour and your against creatures like the fumenalom and it's all creatures but there powerful and these creatures can do things like shoot laser beams but later they always turn into zombies.

And you are the last of your kind and all depends on you ( all citzens in the area )

you find new weapons as you go along and meet new people.

weapons :

gun: d.r.rtl87 - shoots every 1.30secs

Grenade: flash bang - blinds people for 5secs

Gun- thunger-machine - Infects all by thunder and drops to the floor

Gun- ray24 - red circle kills instantly

gun- magaray - small laser

Grenade: elctro-knife - burns enemies

Greande elctro-grenade - burns eneimes

Grenade: pistol - your averge magnum

Gun: machine gun - heavy gun

Gun: minigun - heavy constant bullet gun

grenade: sticka - sticks to eniemes


Alfi- is you

Alfonso- is the robot helper

Romia- the god that leads your way

alfareta- captain of the creatures

sergant locks- your human leader

Kyle- human friend

Places that you go to:

Alaka- lava planet

Murta- planet infested by creatures

galoma- your home planet

Cita- citzen planet

makana- water planet

dug- swamp planet

micerian- ice planet

people you fight...

Mandurtrue - the evil master of nature

macurtu - speciel robots ( 21 ) that help there master ( mandutrue )

munana - one man which is the aprentice of the master

tututamu - apes

cuni - 2 metre dragons that fire water

boaras - boars with slow lasers

bufflas - hell buffalos with lasers

mutars - mutants with guns

duggs - swamp killer men

lunatu - big armoured brutes

manure - god spawns

tuni - water dogs

muni - lava dogs

coni - hell dogs

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