Like no games this one is actually scary


electromagnum ( a basic power full electrifing magnum shaped gun )

manurmo ( a everday basic assualt rifle )

l20ur ( super powerfull invisble sniper with up to 199m range!)

56gms ( small double powerd pistol with AGOG sight )

ifla ( bomb dropping grenade gun )

and 65 upgrades fo all


cloxtro ( electric sticky grenade )

50o'mine ( 10 sec bomb )

fire maker ( a fire grenade the spreads fire)



amaria=your captain

captain sar=enemey leader


takoy=clones your fighting

burttes=clones you fighting

lubba=your people

and lots more


your alfi who is the chosen one to go on a life threating mission to go to the galaxy of many.You are the leader of the goldAlf16 squad (the main squad).You need to take over and protect your galaxy ( the secend biggest galaxy but theres is the biggest by 6 planets!) you get lost and you need to take over to get a signal with only now 998 people left! all against 98billon billon billon billon million millon thousand thousand thousand hundred hundred hunded hundred hundred and 89! can you do it or will you take the cowards way out or what and the galaxy is now heavily guareded every where , well nearly, but still really cpuld you do it