my first idea is called timiko. its a game where you play as a little boy that can stop and fastforward time. this is how it starts. you are sleeping and you have some type of nightmare. in the nightmare you see yourself walking straight towards a dark light. when you get closer it starts to fade away. so you hurry and run towards it. you lean towards it while it is still fading away. then you touch it and it disappears. and you feel something in


your blood. but you wake up really fast because you were scared. as you look at your clock it is almost time for school. you put on your clothing and run downstairs. your bus is at the bus stop waiting for you. you tell your mom bye. you get in the school bus and head to school. you to school and you go to your locker. a bully pushes you and punches you in the face. you start crying and then everything just freezes except for you this is where the game starts.


TRIANGLE- freezes time

CIRCLE-interacts with objects

X- jump

SQUARE- fast forward

R2- run

L2- crouch

R1- turn camera to right

L1- turn camera to left

and you know how to move around.

also press select to choose another character and start to pause game.


TIMMY- the character that you play as.

RADROCK- a magical sorcerer you find later on in the game.

ACURIA- an archer you find in the hiddien jungle.

BINGBON- an evil magician know to create undead things.


TROLL- a green ugly creature some carry clubs and some carry bows and arrows.

OGRE- a big creature with four arms the trolls usually ride on thier back if you have the sorceror he can shoot the troll off with a fireball and take control over the ogres mind.

ZOMBIE- mostly found in the hidden jungle or the mistaken woods of horror.

PIXIE- very dangerous known to take over anythings mind.

and come up with more creatures please.


PANGRIA- a world filled of dust and rocks.

AZRAL- a world with magical creatures.

SOLOT- a world of fire.

ZELO- a world of mischeavous, sneaky,and scary creatures.

HIDDEN JUNGLE- a jungle filled of undiscovered stuff and tresures.

MISTAKEN WOODS OF HORROR- a haunted place filled of scary creatures and scary graveyards.

and come up with more worlds please.


thanks for reading this idea and please people add stuff to the wiki it would be really cool if this was made into an actual game.